The $200 for groceries is for food

The $200 for groceries is for food, cleaning supplies, vitamins, shampoo, paper towels, cat food, litter, pretty much everything in a grocery store.

No one to trade for oil changing, too many jelous wife’s and girlfriends in the neighborhood.

I’ll cut the lunch money completely and let her brown bag it all the time. She doesn’t mind anyway w/the lousey food.

A few banks have told me I need credit cards to have good enough credit. I’m beside myself as 1/2 say I don’t need them and half say I do.

Qwest is $73 because that includes local and all long distance. A package deal. Does sound a bit much, I’ll ask if there’s something I don’t know about.

FYI – I got unlimited long distance and local plan through IDT for around $50 a month. It’s the best deal I found for an unlimited plan. They have a website you could check out. Always open for suggestions on cheaper service (the $50 includes all taxes, surcharges, grain offerings, and whatever else “they” like to tack on…).

That $200 a month in groceries is impressive – I’ve been trimming my groceries back, but haven’t gotten anywhere near that. Congrats!

The $200 for groceries is for food