I think that we can see your need to have a reliable car

One thing that was mentioned and I am not sure if you responded or not but are you still charging on the cc’s and what type of things are you charging? A suggestion was made to write down EVERYTHING that you spend money on. Try this and you will be amazed at where all your nickles and dimes go without you even knowing.

I wrote down a budget (which can be harder than you think) and just in the first month have already found several areas that I could cut even further.

Good job on getting rid of the cell phone. At least that’s one expense you managed to cut down on.

I know that you are making your way and it’s a slow process. Just keep in mind that slow and steady will win this race.

Here are some additional comments:

I definitely agree with incorporating your kids in the financial decision making as appropriate. This will really teach them a valuable lesson.

Your daughter’s lunch money is $44 per month. It’s good that she started taking some lunches but you could really cut down even more in that area.

You don’t have to have credit cards to buy a house.

You should be able to move to where you want to but you have to have the gazelle intensity that Dave Ramsey talks about in his book.

$ 73 Qwest local phone == Is this including a past amount owed or something? Seems high for basic service.

$ 25 allowances(divided among 3 kids) === again once you incorporate the kids into the decision making and they begin understanding that the family will have to take drastic measures to see some positive changes you will see some great results. Perhaps they can take on odd jobs like mowing the grass or babysitting. If you have special needs children there are programs that will help them as well.

$ 16 oil change === do you have a neighbor, relative, co-worker or friend that could help you with this in exchange for something? Like bartering?

$200 groceries === are you meal planning? do you take advantage of coupons or sales? someone had questioned what you were buying such as expensive snack items when you could possibly substitute homemade items?

Everyone on the list wishes you the best and we all hope that you are really focused and serious about making changes. You can do this! 🙂 It will just be one step at a time and you will be really happy with the results.

Just today I made a small change that will only affect a bill by $10 but I figure hey, that’s $10 more dollars that can go to my snowball debt program.

Good luck and let us know how the changes are going for you.

I think that we can see your need to have a reliable car