What’s creative financing?

Creative financing is where you may use other means of income and payment history to show you can repay a debt. There are many people who don’t have credit cards that are able to purchase houses.

You may supply bank statements, current housing/rental statements, other statements that show a payment history.

There are tons of creditors out there that will help you get into a house if that’s what you are wanting to do.

I would suggest though, that you think about your budget and what you are actually spending. Think also about every place that you can cut corners. Also take a serious look at your spending habits to ensure you are not traveling down the same path.

It’s not easy. I just had a conversation with my husband about trimming his gas allowance. He doesn’t use it all but wants to continue to get the same amount “just in case” he needs extra money. I explained that is what we are trying to do. Stop spending the extra money just because it’s there. So yeah. It’s a day to day thing that we have to face. Thankfully we face it together but it’s not always easy.

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What’s creative financing?